Written on 04/25/2022

The MetGCSA 2-Ball Tournament is underway! Here are the latest brackets: 



 Rules Sheet 

2022 Dave Mahoney 2-Ball Championship 

1. There will be a 1st and 2nd flight that will be determined by the total combined handicap of the team. To be eligible for the championship, each team must have at least one golf course superintendent member of the MetGCSA on the team. Any AF or Class C member wishing to participate must be a partner with a golf course superintendent. Champions will be declared in each flight! There will be no final playoff between the 1st and 2nd flight. 

2. You will be paired with another 2 person team by the Tournament Committee. Partners must play together but if necessary you may try to qualify with just one member of your group being present! 

3. Handicap will be converted to Knollwood Country Club Slope Rating at 80%. 

4. Shots are given to each player as they fall on the card. 

5. One Best Ball Net Score must be recorded for each hole. 

6. Card must be signed and attested by a player other than your partner. 

7. The cutoff of combined handicaps for the flights will be determined after the qualifying round. The lowest 16 combined handicaps of qualified teams will play in the 1st flight and the next 16 qualified teams will play in the 2nd flight. If there are not 32 entries flight adjustments will be made after qualifying. 


NOTE: It is imperative that your USGA Handicap is current! The Tournament Committee reserves the right to disqualify the individual and/or team or request that you play at a handicap determined by the Tournament Committee if your handicap is not current. It is the player’s responsibility to uphold the integrity of the game by posting every possible score. 

8. Ties will be decided by USGA recommendations. Starting with the back 9, then the last 6, last 3, and 18th. 


Match Play Rounds: 18 Holes, Match Play 

9. Teams scheduled to play each other must make arrangements to meet and play before the deadline for that round. 

10. If two teams do not play before the deadline, a coin toss will determine the winner of the match. However, if the Tournament Committee determine that no effort was made by a particular team to complete the match before the deadline the opposing team will be awarded the victory without a coin toss. 


Note: It is important for you to contact a Tournament Committee member if the deadline is nearing, and you are having trouble getting your match played. We hope everyone has signed up for this 2022 Dave Mahoney 2-Ball event because they are looking forward to playing the matches. 

Please make every possible effort to play before the deadline! 

11. Any site can be selected to play your match. Handicaps must be converted to the course you are playing and to 80% of your handicap index, then to the course handicap which can be found in the proshop or locker room. Any questions on the handicaps should be deferred to the onsite PGA professional. 

12. Please be aware of the variations in rules of golf between match and medal play. 

13. Any questions as to procedure during a match must be referred to the host professional. 

14. Matches will be played off the low handicap. For ex: if players A, B are playing C, D and the handicaps are A-7, B-12, C-10 and D-15. The low handicap is player A at 7, so player B gets 5 shots, C gets 3 shots and D gets 8 shots as they fall on the card. 

15. The winning team is responsible for submitting the results to Steve Wickstrom at Burning Tree CC. Please e-mail – stevewickstrom@hotmail.com 

16. Deadlines are as follows: 

1st round - Must be played on or before June 30th. 

Quarter Finals - Must be played on or before August 11th. 

Semi-Finals - Must be played on or before September 15th. 

Finals - Must be played on or before October 20th. 

The Tournament Committee will be the official rules committee of this event. Questions about the event must be referred to the Tournament and Committee All Committee decisions are final. 

Tournament Committee 

Tournament co-chairmen – Steve Wickstrom and Bill Cygan 

Tournament Committee Members – Dave Conrad, Kevin Seibel, and Zach Brooks